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"Safe&Sound Ukraine" is a fundraising project aiming to purchase encrypted radios and satellite phones for Ukrainian medics, volunteers, and evacuation coordinators.


At this point we have:

  • Raised more than $114 000

  • Purchased and distributed more than 250 encrypted radios

  • Got support of the best businesses, organizations, and individuals around the world


The fight is far from ending, and our togetherness in it is crucial. Join in support of Safe&Sound Ukraine!



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Understanding the undeniable power of voice, the global filmmaking and sound engineering communities are rallying around "Safe&Sound Ukraine" initiative to provide encrypted walkie-talkies and satellite phones for Ukrainians in disaster zones cut off from communication. The urgently needed devices will help coordinate medical, evacuation, and defense needs.

"Safe&Sound Ukraine" is co-founded by Xenia Vinogradova, a production sound mixer in Kyiv, who stays in her homeland and documents the war reality with filmmaking crews while organizing humanitarian help.

With its growing list of global manufacturing partners and support from individuals and organizations all over the globe, (including the LA Sound Mixers community, "Gotham Sound", "K-Tek", and "Lectrosonics companies", as well as non-profit "United Help Ukraine") "Safe&Sound Ukraine" hopes to raise funds for the encrypted digital devices.

If you would like to help, visit our fundraiser page to discover ways to donate and get involved in spreading this important fundraiser.



2022-03-16 14.42.47.jpg

In these terrifying times values get simpler and clearer, and people who act out on their best values - become saviors. By raising your voice and lending a helping hand you support us Ukrainians in the darkest days, and with you, we’re not afraid to go on.

I would like to thank each partner and donor from the name of our team. We work hard to make it all happen, and we’re happy to see the first good results.

Warm greetings from Ukraine, and let’s stay together! Only together we can win.

Xenia Vinogradova Production sound mixer/ sound editor,“Safe&Sound Ukraine” co-founder.

Film sound people exist all over the world and we share a special kinship in this craft we love so much. When times are tough or the unthinkable happens, we support each other motivated solely by the tribe like kinship we feel through the craft. Xenia Vinogradova is one of us. She could have fled her homeland for safety but instead she stayed and organized Safe&Sound Ukraine in order to help make a difference. Now it’s up to us, as part of her film sound tribe, to step in and help. I am honored to help support Xenia and the people of Ukraine in this fight and I hope you will join us.

Chris Howland CAS Founder, LA Sound Mixers, “Safe&Sound Ukraine” co-founder


Gotham Sound is honored to be a founding member of Safe and Sound Ukraine and feel privileged to be able to offer our expertise to provide humanitarian and tactical support to the people of Ukraine during this unprecedented crisis. In peaceful times, Xenia Vinogradova works as a production sound mixer in Kyiv. When Russia invaded, she rallied film crews  from around the world to help provide rugged, secure communications devices and other humanitarian aid to those defending Ukraine, while continuing to work and live in her home city. We are inspired by her tireless leadership and courage.

Peter Schneider Co-Owner, Gotham Sound and Communications, Inc., “Safe&Sound Ukraine” co-founder

A free press is the foundation of a democracy. We have members of the sound community who are documenting the challenge the free press and democracy faces today in Ukraine. I consider it essential to support those who are defending - quite literally - the rights of all of us.  I support Safe&Sound Ukraine.  Make a difference and donate.

Gordon Moore President, Lectrosonics, Inc., “Safe&Sound Ukraine” co-founder

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